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OViO is an ODM company which mainly focused on manufacture & design of lock & security hardware in past 7 years. We dedicate all of our energy to customer’s needs and that’s why we made many successful products.“Fulfill Customer’s Needs” is just one of our elements to success, “Dare to Try” and “Insights to The Market” also helped us a lot create endless novel products. Our experience of lock design had brought us to accomplish over 100 projects already. OViOwould like to go on making locks with our novel idea and experience and we would always stand to 3 elements of OViO“Fulfill Customer’s Needs”, “Dare to Try” and “Insights to The Market”to make OViO a forever pursuer of perfectness.


At OViO, we think people shouldn't have to settle when it comes to home security. For over 7 years, we've believed that innovation is our greatest asset. Technology can deliver both quality and convenience. And the strongest insights come from understanding the people who use our products and how they use them. Everything we've learned has led us to one simple premise – the best security is well-run security.

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