The best management lock



Be your own locksmith.

All you need is just one key.

Watch the film

Challenging the world

of electronic lock

Pair has the management convenience

of an electronic lock, but the differences

are Pairlock can used under all types

of weather and there's no need to worry

about power supply.

Pair is designed to be able to remove the lock core

when the right key combination is arranged. Once

the lock core is out, simply adjust the key combination

to match the key. By using this revolutionary lock core,

five powerful management features will be benefited.

Six feature to keep you away

from looking for another locksmith

Easy Management

All Pairlocks can be opened

with one key that has the

matching key combination

There's no need to replace

the lock when there's new

tenant moving in.

New tenant

Same lock


Key combination can be 

changed at will.

Security can be increased

by add-ons





Key combination can be given

remotely and arranged to the

key to unlock Pairlock.

Remotely unlocking


Key can be arranged like a

master key to open the shared

doors (main entrance), but not

the private doors (bedrooms)

your don't want others to open.

Multilay of 


Duplicating the key is as easy as

arranging the key combination

to another key. There's no

need to look for a locksmith.

Be your own


Pairlock is perfect for all types of lock application. It is just perfect for application that requires

mass amount of locks. There will only be one key to manage by upgrading to Pairlock.

Perfect for all types of

lock application

From machinery, instrument, bank, warehouse,

bike, office, tool box, shop, jail, suit case, etc.